March 2016

1st Almost at lockup.
2nd Car service.
3rd Agent three giving her opinion on what to do for the sale.
4th Not liking Windows 10 not responding every few days.
5th Catching up with Sofie.
6th Cleaning up the office.
7th One more agent to check out.
8th A little signature costs $124,000.
9th More planning.
10th Over two hours to get home is a very long drive.
11th Looking forward to packing boxes said no one ever.
12th Lockup.
13th Congrats to family members getting engaged.
14th Need to clean up.
15th Slow net, need to look into it.
16th Kitchen getting done.
17th Are we there yet?
18th Resting and a bit of cleaning.
19th Cleaning.
20th More cleaning.
21st A crazy day at work.
22nd Kitchen cupboards done and looking really nice.
23rd What! No power point for the washer and dryer?
24th Things not looking good for our family plans.
25th Congrats to Kathryn and John on becoming a family.
26th Cleaning and packing.
27th Gardening.
28th Tired but the garden looks great.
29th Sleeping most of the day.
30th Time to contact Mr Telstra to fix the internets.
31st Way too tired today.
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