June 2016

1st More inspection reports to read through.
2nd Would rather be at home or relaxing on the beach. Too bad it's 5°C outside.
3rd A belated birthday from the team at work.
4th Dinner with the falimy and an auction that did not happen.
5th Relaxing.
6th ICANN you bastards.
7th Sorting out domains and hosting.
8th Getting the last domains transfered.
9th One more day.
10th Almost there on the domains...
11th Engagement party for J&J.
12th Relaxing.
13th Started packing.
14th Persuading IIS to be nice.
15th Creating a few links in Ingress.
16th Way too sore and dizzy to do anything.
17th Feeling better today.
18th Relaxing.
19th Even more relaxing.
20th Way too sore and tired.
21st Need to clean up.
22nd One more day.
23rd Erryn's back from Thailand.
24th Still falling over at times.
25th House almost done.
26th More display homes
27th Busy day.
28th Another inspection and still things to get fixed.
29th Researching new mattress.
30th Sold sign taken down.
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