July 2016

1st Start of the year means a busy day at work.
2nd Should be packing.
3rd Sleeping most of the day.
4th Final drawdown payment on the house.
5th Chatting to the electritian and hopefully he can cable up the ports.
6th Soon, so very soon.
7th Organising movers.
8th 100 boxes. Is that enough?
9th Packing.
10th More packing.
11th Stuff everywhere.
12th Both buggered.
13th Delay in booking movers means having to find new movers.
14th One more day.
15th YAY! We have keys.
16th A packing we will go, a packing we will go...
17th 0°C is way too cold to be packing.
18th More packing.
19th Finding fiddly things to pack and move.
20th More packing, I'm starting to see a trend here.
21st Guess what? More packing.
22nd Last day to pack.
23rd Home.
24th Unpacking.
25th Bugger, no interwebs for a while.
26th Updating address details for lots of places.
27th Researching cable management.
28th Grabbing more items from the old place.
29th More checks and tests.
30th Dinner with Terry and Jenny.
31st Relaxing.
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