January 2016

1st Happy New Year.
2nd Back to reading again.
3rd Lots of washing and folding to do.
4th Time to Ingress.
5th Tired.
6th Sore back.
7th Relaxing.
8th Tired.
9th Relaxing.
10th Walking.
11th Back at work.
12th Sleeping most of the day.
13th Don't want to be here.
14th The building has started!
15th Getting back into the swing of things at work.
16th Relaxing.
17th A nice lunch at 8 days and checking out the new piers.
18th Tired.
19th Resting.
20th Work continues.
21st Almost have a slab.
22nd A few drinks at Lea's new place after work.
23rd Nice lunch at the crooked fork.
24th Way too tired and dizzy today.
25th House coming along nicely.
26th Started off ok but ended up not well.
27th Relaxing.
28th A slow leak in the rear tire.
29th Fixing the tire.
30th Buying a few things for the house.
31st Way too tired.
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