February 2016

1st Why is it so hard to organise a meeting with the builder?
2nd Now to get the door/house fixed.
3rd Tiles are ready to go up.
4th Getting fence quotes.
5th Tiles on the roof.
6th Should be at the gym.
7th Lunch with family.
8th Getting the front door fixed again.
9th Bricks and windows are ready to go in.
10th Windows are in.
11th House is looking good.
12th Organising the independant inspection.
13th Can't be bothered today.
14th Way too tired.
15th Hard day means Erryn has to pick me up from work and drive home.
16th Bricks getting ready.
17th Bricks are going up.
18th New 3TB drive for the NAS.
19th Waiting for a day or so for the new drive to sync.
20th NAS now has 8TB usable sapce.
21st Way too tired and sleeping all day.
22nd Getting better.
23rd A few mistakes on the data points need to be fixed.
24th A day at home being sick.
25th Still very tired and want to be lying down.
26th Insulation and plaster ready to go up.
27th Plaster done but RG6 not yet.
28th Way too tired.
29th A very busy day at work.
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