August 2016

1st A crazy day at work and more packing.
2nd More packing from the old house.
3rd Getting cold in the mornings.
4th Really need to unpack boxes and find stuff.
5th Getting a Visio drawing of the cabinet startedS.
6th Sorting out and Kathryn and John over for dinner.
7th Running around in IKEA.
8th Sticking knife magnets on the wall.
9th Shadowing at work.
10th Fun trying to fill in the census.
11th Another crazy day with meetings at the end.
12th Sorting out the patch panel and updating the documentation.
13th Catching up with mum and Sophie for lunch and a good chat.
14th Cleaning and relaxing.
15th Another crazy day.
16th UPS sensing a drop in voltage.
17th Inbox at work.
18th Off the phones is a lot more relaxing at work and still able to get the work done.
19th Last day of work for a while, looking forward to relaxing.
20th Looking at blinds.
21st Bunnings for a sheet of steel.
22nd Dam you Telstra and Foxtel. Why do you have to make things difficult? At least the interwebs are back on.
23rd Foxtel booked for tomorrow morning.
24th Foxtel is back on, check up with Dr Nottle and more unpacking.
25th Fixing the fence.
26th Dog hunting.
27th Pottering around the house and relaxing.
28th Relaxing but want to be unpacking and cleaning.
29th A new desk spot at work.
30th Settling on the house.
31st Old house all done and finished.
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