April 2016

1st More packing.
2nd Enjoying Coby's wedding.
3rd Relaxing.
4th Getting Lex checked out at the Vet.
5th Lex still a bit slow but starting to bound around again.
6th Not looking good for future family stuff.
7th New tiles are going in.
8th Tiles look good.
9th First inspection done.
10th Resting.
11th Sore back.
12th More back sorness.
13th New IP address.
14th Got the Section 32 but where are the first 31 sections?.
15th An early day with a sore back from the beginning of the day.
16th A fun happy day catching up with family.
17th Goodbye Lex, you will be missed.
18th A very hard day with lots of crying.
19th Still hard but getting better.
20th Catching up with Sofie.
21st Way too sore and should be at home with a heat pack on.
22nd Missing Lex.
23rd Tired and relaxing.
24th Dinner with the family.
25th Cleaning and painting.
26th A crap day at work when the main logging tool has a hissy fit.
27th Lex back at home.
28th New Acer C201 Chromebook.
29th Should be at home.
30th More packing.
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