September 2015

1st Today is the day. Surgury for my gastric sleeve.
2nd Sore, tired and sick, not a good day.
3rd Feeling better and got some good sleep last night.
4th Not a good day, cant keep anything down and back on nil by mouth.
5th A hard night getting not much sleep but feeling better now.
6th Feeling better.
7th Stuck here for another five days.
8th Not a good day, sore tired and lacking energy.
9th Better today, found a spot the kivk back and relax a bit. Started on the TPN (total parenteral nutrition) to get some "food" into me.
10th Getting tired of this.
11th Sore and not getting much sleep.
12th I want to go home.
13th Happy fourth anniversary.
14th New room with a better chair and window view.
15th Rough night.
16th Getting better, seems the drain tube has slowed down. Hopefully that is good news.
17th Still here.
18th Want to be out of here.
19th Getting better.
20th I want food.
21st Getting another scan today to see how things are going.
22nd Leak healed and drinking fluids.
23rd Getting better.
24th Toast for the first time in a while.
25th Back on fluids again.
26th Another day.
27th Swapped to a smaller drain tube.
28th Could be out of here tomorrow.
29th Finally home.
30th Resting.
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