October 2015

1st A long day at the hospital getting check ups.
2nd More relaxing.
3rd Really sore today.
4th Getting better.
5th Getting warm.
6th Another checkup.
7th Trying to relax.
8th Contract signing.
9th Taken to emergency.
10th This sucks.
11th I may be here for a while.
12th Two to three more weeks of this hell.
13th More scans and tubes.
14th Sick today, not a good day.
15th Feeling better.
16th New room and having to up date the public IP.
17th Sick of this place.
18th Signing more paperwork.
19th Catching up with family.
20th Do we need more than 100Kws?
21st Has the leak finally healed?.
22nd Blue dye test passed.
23rd Looking good, back on free fluids.
24th Feeling better.
25th Reducing feeding tube.
26th No more tubes.
27th No more IV.
28th Going home.
29th Finally here and relaxing.
30th And looks like the leak is back.
31st And here we go again, in emergency.
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