November 2015

1st Missing out on WVD.
2nd Gastroscopy test to see what can be done.
3rd Bugger. Things just got a whole lot worse. Can't fix it so getting it removed.
4th Crashplan crashed. Took a bit of fiddling but back up again and scanning files for offside backups again.
5th Waiting.
6th Booked in for Tuesday.
7th Learning about shares.
8th Relaxing.
9th One more day.
10th Very sore and will have a nice scar.
11th So very sore.
12th Getting better.
13th Sleepy.
14th More sleepy.
15th Still tired.
16th When will it end.
17th Getting better.
18th Up and about today but still a bit sore.
19th One drain tube removed.
20th Nasogastric tube removed.
21st Really sore today and getting more pain killers.
22nd Blood transfusion.
23rd Better today.
24th Tired again.
25th Sore, tired and wanting to go home.
26th Home time soon.
27th Feeling like crap.
28th Last drain out and half the staples.
29th One more day.
30th Home time.
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