May 2015

1st A sore back, staying home from work and servicing the car.
2nd Getting better.
3rd A relaxing morning at a few markets.
4th May the Fourth be with you.
5th Sitting at a new desk.
6th A very sore day at work.
7th Time to research a trip to Adelaide.
8th Woule rather be at home.
9th Dinner with Mum.
10th Breakky with the family.
11th Resting at home.
12th Sore back today.
13th Another really sore day.
14th Over this back pain.
15th A much better day.
16th Sore and tired.
17th Can bearly move today.
18th Insomnia is a pain.
19th Meeting with the Psychologist.
20th Another sore day.
21st Getting better.
22nd Learning about food stuff.
23rd Relaxing.
24th Giving blood.
25th Bike died today. Need to get a replacement engine.
26th More doctors appointments.
27th Need to save up ~$2500 to fix the bike.
28th 100 new tennis balls for Lex.
29th Looking forward to the new house.
30th A nice day at the zoo.
31st Relaxing.
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