March 2015

1st Happy birthday to my sexy wife.
2nd I really want to stay home ang rug up in a warm blanket and take lots of pain killers.
3rd Hopefully house prices will rise in about a year when we sell.
4th Deciding what we want in the house.
5th Meeting with the building to go over the plans.
6th What! No pizza?
7th Cleaning up.
8th Dinner with the family.
9th Public holiday at work.
10th Making sure the backups are running properly.
11th Going from 1.2 years at 27% down to zero at 100% is much better for the backups.
12th Now to get the Nexus 7 to play nice.
13th Arrrgh, backup going to take about 10 months to upload and 9412 files to go.
14th Looking at hore house designs.
15th A day relaxing.
16th A painful day at work.
17th Another painful day at work.
18th Looking at a new house design.
19th Way too sore to be working today.
20th Researching Tapentadol.
21st An almost four hour round trip to see another display home.
22nd Relaxing.....
23rd Plexia may be expensive but they work very well.
24th Testing out Netflix.
25th Enjoying the new stuff of tv.
26th Another booking at the hospital for pre-op stuff.
27th Woo Hoo, bring on the 500GB upgrade. Thanks Mr. Telstra!
28th Finally getting the damn lawn mower started.
29th Back into the juicing.
30th A nice night for dinner outside.
31st How does it take nearly 3 hours to get home?
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