June 2015

1st Resting a sore back.
2nd This cold is getting annoying.
3rd Why are some people so stupid?.
4th New Google Photos is a good looking app.
5th Looking forward to the bike again.
6th Catching up with Belinda for a birthday party.
7th Yay rainbow cake.
8th Time to rip the SAW movies.
9th Really should be at home today.
10th Back into ripping DVDs.
11th Looking forward to Saw.
12th Hurt my back at work while helping with social club stuff and meeting up with a band of friends.
13th Relaxing.
14th Another day, another sore back.
15th Three more weeks and another few hundred dollars for the bike.
16th Quality Conversations.
17th Catching up with Sofie.
18th Lex has decided to get on the bed again.
19th Looking forward to the weekend.
20th New step at home.
21st Signed up for the gym.
22nd A day getting poked and prodded.
23rd Yay, a clean car.
24th Insomnia is a bitch.
25th Taking public tranport home.
26th Want to be riding.
27th Sore back again.
28th Is tofu craving a thing?
29th Looking up no bake recipes for work.
30th Leap second.
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