July 2015

1st Crash on Princess Hwy means taking 2 hours to get to work.
2nd Way too many forms to fill in.
3rd Researching how to cook stuff without any appliances.
4th Sore arms after a training session.
5th Lunch with Mum.
6th Still have sore arms.
7th 2 minutes on the Stair master and my legs are hurting however the spa afterwards in great.
8th Having the family over for dinner.
9th Getting a new server for wvd.
10th A late night at work but a lot of fun mcking chocolate items.
11th Presidents Park with Lex.
12th Testing out the gym equipment.
13th Several thousand users trying to log in at once is not good for the login servers.
14th Time to do tax stuff.
15th Getting bank stuff in order.
16th Sore back.
17th Going home sick.
18th Lunch with Sofie.
19th Signing the initial quote on the house build.
20th Booking accomodation for Adelaide.
21st Yikes, 60K on the car. Need to book in for a service.
22nd Bike almost ready.
23rd Want to be at home.
24th A hacking we will go, a hacking we will go ...
25th Deciding on tiles.
26th Relaxing.
27th Would rather be riding.
28th A day off with a sore back. Got a call from the hospital and have a date booked.
29th Time to do last minute research.
30th Kinda nervious in a way.
31st Last pizza for a while.
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