February 2015

1st Finishing the 8 week pre-op diary.
2nd Trying to get PHP to play nice.
3rd .25 interest rate drop.
4th Don't know how long I can go on this calorie restricted diet.
5th Getting nervous now for some reason.
6th A day at the hospital taking care of Erryn.
7th A sore day but at least we at home.
8th Getting better and seeing the family.
9th Relaxing and slowly getting out and about.
10th Last day off and taking Lex for a checkup.
11th Back at work and want to be at home.
12th Testing out www.stan.com.au.
13th Planning day 2015.
14th A family member needing a lot of support.
15th Hair cut and a relaxing day reading.
16th Have to work out how to fix the gate.
17th A crazy day at work and want to be at home.
18th Over this back pain, just drug me up and let me life pain free.
19th Getting driven and picked up from work.
20th A late night with an early morning means a very tired day.
21st Ouch.
22nd Cleaning, relaxing and fixing the side gate so Lex can't get out.
23rd A bitch of a day at work.
24th Catching up with Kathryn and Sam.
25th Slowly coming down.
26th Can we borrow $326,000?
27th A busy day with half the team off on training.
28th Looking at the Ruby again.
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