December 2015

1st Tired.
2nd Recovering.
3rd Not well.
4th Feeling very crap.
5th Baking.
6th Catching up with family.
7th Tired.
8th Playing with a new Foxtel box.
9th Council approval = a good thing.
10th Tired.
11th Relaxing.
12th Time to clean a bit.
13th Getting better.
14th Back at work for a few hours.
15th Putting up a Christmas tree.
16th Feeling ok.
17th Slept most of the day.
18th Getting better.
19th 43°C is a hot day.
20th Cooling off.
21st No more tubes.
22nd Testing bread recipes.
23rd Relaxing.
24th Test baking.
25th Lunch with family.
26th Another lunch with family.
27th Relaxing.
28th Insomna sucks.
29th Dinner at the beach.
30th Sleepy.
31st NYE party with the family.
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