August 2015

1st Looking at bricks.
2nd Relaxing.
3rd First day of shakes for the next month.
4th Way too tired for work.
5th Very painful day today.
6th Getting better.
7th Trying to get php to play nice.
8th Got floorplan site layout.
9th Relaxing.
10th Back to the gym.
11th Time to get taxes done.
12th Busy day at work.
13th Taking the long way home.
14th Home Show.
15th Relaxing at home.
16th Giving blood again.
17th How low can I go?
18th $3400 to fix the bike, picking up on the weekend.
19th 13 people away means a very crazy day at work.
20th Office upgrade went badly and we cop the flack for it.
21st Last day for a few weeks.
22nd Getting the bike back.
23rd Geelong trip with Lex for a walk.
24th Checking out the gym at Point Cook.
25th Buying timber to try and stop tennis balls rolling under the coffee table.
26th Getting tax done for another year.
27th Sky High on a rainy and foggy day means you cant see the view.
28th Sam over for a few Saw movies.
29th Relaxing and not doing much.
30th Walking around the plaza looking at the new shops.
31st Eating too much then having pizza for dinner. My last real meal for a while.
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