April 2015

1st Home time yet?
2nd Looking forward to the break.
3rd Lunch with the family for Eater and meeting two cute pugs.
4th A relaxing afternoon with the family again.
5th Visiting Terry in hospital.
6th Another day and a long drive to the hospital.
7th Running around getting to appointments.
8th Back at work.
9th A little confusing at work as I thought I was off the phones.
10th Would rather be at home.
11th More visiting.
12th Easter with the family.
13th Damn it's cold riding in today.
14th Need a new horn for the bike.
15th Booking the bike in for a service.
16th Is it time for a Chromecast?
17th Way too sore this morning.
18th Relaxing.
19th Visiting Terry.
20th Would rather be at home.
21st Looks like the bike needs a new engine.
22nd Getting Discworld.
23rd Would rather be at home.
24th Mmmmmm pizza.
25th Relaxing and visiting Terry at home.
26th Catching up with Sofie.
27th Putting in another 8GB ram into desktop.
28th A cold night means a sore back.
29th People should play nice, I keep getting reminded why I don't do much with wvd anymore.
30th Finally getting some tax back.
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