September 2014

1st Back into the swing of things.
2nd When is the bin going to be picked up>
3rd Catching up on emails.
4th Need to walk more.
5th A day of training in Customer Service.
6th Getting some shoes.
7th Visiting people in hospital.
8th Really need to clean up.
9th Feeling blah.
10th A lot of cooking for work tomorrow.
11th RUOK day.
12th A good day at work.
13th Happy Aniversary.
14th Interwebs down for a bit.
15th Trying to fix a flat tire.
16th Bike book in for Saturday.
17th Back playing up again.
18th A very sore back today. Sitting at work with a wheat pack on.
19th A bit better today.
20th Taking the bike in to get the front tire fixed.
21st Relaxing.
22nd Hacking the API to get the feed right.
23rd Back on the bike with a new front tire.
24th A full ride into work. Hopefully it does not bucket down on the ride home.
25th Should be at home today. Can hardly move with a very sore back. Spending most of the day with a heat pack on and not moving much.
26th Want to be at home resting.
27th A very long day walking around the Melbourne Show Grounds but very enjoyable at the same time.
28th Yet another phone call to Telstra to try and fix their stuff ups.
29th Such a nice day for a ride at 21°C.
30th Playing with the new Google LG watch.
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