October 2014

1st Time to decommission the old 2003 server. It has done well for the past 10 or so years.
2nd Getting used to the new watch.
3rd What! No pancakes?
4th Long day in the CBD hacking portals.
5th Relaxing and clearing boxes.
6th Sore back again.
7th Really want to go home from work today.
8th Mmmmm, Nandos for lunch is nice.
9th Another day of training.
10th Time to get back on the bike.
11th A very sore day spent on the couch.
12th Lots of pills and hooked up to my tens machine.
13th A day off work trying to recover.
14th Heat pack is on the the entire day.
15th Setting up SSL via Cloudflare.
16th Finding a rouge wireless unit I forgot about.
17th Still have a sore back since Saturday. It should have gotten better by now.
18th Lex losing her ball in the lake.
19th Sleeping in way to much but it's good to do it once in a while.
20th Why do I want Spag-bol?.
21st Andrew Dice Clay.
22nd Still very tired from last night.
23rd A new Inbox by Google. Bring it on.
24th Getting a lift to and from work.
25th Relaxing.
26th Brekky with the family and more relaxing.
27th Two new domains to take care of. www.oursmallsteps.com and www.ourtinybabysteps.com.
28th Starting the 10,000 steps at work.
29th New Google Inbox.
30th AC Ryan not playing nice anymore.
31st A very happy bouncy Lex this morning.
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