November 2014

1st Looking at a new design. The Grandvue Ruby looks very nice.
2nd Is this an impulse? Putting down a registration fee on the Ruby. Interesting times ahead.
3rd A nice day to ride into work.
4th A slow day at work as most people are watching the Cup.
5th Need a holiday.
6th Is it that time again? Almost Christmas and planning has started.
7th Over it today.
8th Relaxing.
9th Relaxing but should be doing stuff.
10th A lovely day for a ride.
11th It will cost a lot but getting air con installed will be a good thing.
12th Slightly stressed thinking about Christmas at our place this year.
13th A lazy day at work as the calls are slow.
14th New Android OS and new back fence.
15th Getting a draft plan of the new house.
16th Cleaning.
17th The house looks a lot better when things are sorted.
18th Getting Plex do behave.
19th Last night of dealing with hot weather.
20th Getting air con today.
21st Would rather be riding.
22nd Catching up with John and Katheryn and seeing their new place.
23rd Finally got the mower working.
24th How hard is it to pave part of the back yard?
25th Didn't expect Dominos Pizza to be this good.
26th Come on holidays, you seem so far away.
27th A silly cat and mouse game getting rid of a virus on the network. Can't complain too much, first one we have had in a few years.
28th Is it home time yet?
29th Painting.
30th Dinner with the falimy and birthday for Sam.
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