May 2014

1st Coming home to a very bouncy Lex.
2nd Not outgoing enough.
3rd Relaxing, then a wet training with Lex.
4th A long drive to see more builders.
5th Catweazle.
6th Happy.
7th The house is gone.
8th Home trying to get over a cold.
9th A quiet day working on emails.
10th Engagement party for Maria and Peter.
11th Luch with the family.
12th The house is gone... now waiting on the bank.
13th Organising the soil test.
14th New photo for license.
15th Training new people at work.
16th Pizza Friday.
17th Getting detailed prices on the Belle Q2.
18th Relaxing.
19th Feeling sick.
20th Resting.
21st A day of meetings.
22nd Getting some "Feedback".
23rd Kebab day.
24th A very sore day spent on the couch.
25th Tupperware.
26th Riding to work.
27th A tired Tuesday morning.
28th Taking care of a sick wife.
29th Moving desks.
30th One more day.
31st 42.
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