March 2014

1st Happy birthday Erryn.
2nd Looking at new houses.
3rd Blocks are not cheap.
4th Did we find a house?
5th A lot of research to do.
6th A day, lying on the couch and taking pills.
7th Getting better.
8th House hunting.
9th More house hunting.
10th A very easy ride into work with no other cars around. Working on public holidays = traffic bliss.
11th Research into surgery.
12th Getting mixed up and not buying the external UPS batteries.
13th Sore back again.
14th Finally, a slow day at work.
15th Looking at a burnt out house.
16th A long drive to see a mortgage broker.
17th Getting a valuation on a block.
18th Visiting mum.
19th Dinner in the City.
20th Emailing with Agents.
21st Pizza.
22nd Relaxing.
23rd More relaxing.
24th Crunch time.
25th Putting in an order on the block.
26th Getting rejected.
27th A little bit more, getting close.
28th Accepted, now for the wait.
29th Trying to train Lex.
30th Relaxing.
31st Chasing cats at 4.30am!
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