June 2014

1st Lunch with the family at Mozaic.
2nd Blood bank.
3rd What happened to port 1 and 2?
4th Relly need to repatch the switch.
5th So very tired.
6th Late night drinks and poker with the guys at work.
7th Relaxing.
8th Happy Lex chasing her ball.
9th Ride to work on a cold morning.
10th Tweaking some code.
11th Bank doing another valuation on the block.
12th In a total blah mood today, just want to sit on the couch and do nothing.
13th Tweaking the stuff on my desk.
14th Relaxing.
15th Sad news about Cassie's mum.
16th Would rather be at home.
17th Trying to relax today.
18th A sad day saying goodbye to Cassie's mum.
19th New WiFi points.
20th Getting the last point to play nice.
21st APs all setup and working ok.
22nd What is up with port 2 on the switch?.
23rd Damn power save options!
24th Time to prepare for a new server.
25th More forms to sign?
26th what? You cant find the title?.
27th Skipping pizza.
28th Relaxing.
29th Sorting netowrk cables and clearing away boxes.
30th After a few months we finally have the block.
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