July 2014

1st A very crappy day.
2nd Seems Lex wants to go for 42 thousand kilometre walk.
3rd Really need to clean up.
4th Situational leadership training.
5th Happy 21st Christina.
6th Feeling like crap.
7th A happy Lex when we get home.
8th Off the phones for the day.
9th What did I do to my leg?
10th COLD.
11th Place is a mess.
12th Relaxing.
13th Trying to install a 64-bit OS on a 32-Bit machine ain't gonna happen.
14th New OS on an old machine and time to set it up.
15th New server online.
16th Tweaking.
17th 3D HD Cave2.
18th Pizza.
19th A sleepy day on the couch.
20th A happy Lex bouncing around.
21st No leave for me?
22nd A very cold and foggy day.
23rd Cleaning up the structure of this site means having to recode a few files.
24th A bit more tweaking.
25th A slower day is too few and far between.
26th Breakfast at Corinthians Cafe.
27th A bit of cleaning in the back yard.
28th Damn silly insurance not accepting cards.
29th A bit tight for a few days.
30th Time to walk Lex.
31st Kicking back a little.
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