January 2014

1st Run Mr. Mario, run.
2nd Back at work.
3rd Another day.
4th Relaxing.
5th Cathcing Fire in Gold Class.
6th Getting hotter.
7th Day off with a sore back.
8th Recovering.
9th What did I do today?
10th New machine.
11th Time to tweak.
12th Helping out the falimy to keep the house.
13th On campus for a couple of weeks.
14th Learning more about Macs.
15th 44°C is way too hot.
16th Some days I feel like Walter Mitty.
17th Trying to keep Summit cool.
18th Cooliong down.
19th A bit of gardening.
20th A dead disk in Lexx.
21st Relaxing at work, is that possible.
22nd Playing with VMware.
23rd A long ride home.
24th Last day on campus.
25th Bringing home Lex.
26th At the beach with Lex.
27th Getting warmer.
28th Finding where Lex gets out.
29th Riding to work.
30th Getting some new pills to try.
31st Way too much pizza.
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