February 2014

1st New baby gates.
2nd Trying to keep out of the heat.
3rd IVF infomation session.
4th Summit and Lex in the bedroom at the same time.
5th Cleaning and gardening.
6th Time to get the bike serviced.
7th Pizza.
8th Relaxing.
9th Altona beach with Lex.
10th So tired.
11th Slept for 10 hours.
12th Lex getting better with Summit.
13th Need to clean up.
14th Dinner at Izakaya Hachibeh.
15th Visiting John and Katheryn's new place.
16th Resting.
17th Finally fixing the wobble on the bike.
18th Need oil?
19th Is the wobble back.
20th Sore back.
21st Planning day.
22nd Signed up for dog training.
23rd Getting a new UPS.
24th Still very tired.
25th Way too many calls at work.
26th Lex chasing tennis balls.
27th Very sore back today.
28th Trying to calm a sore back.
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