December 2014

1st Bring on Summer.
2nd Time for some Spotify.
3rd Ok, maybe Pandora is a better choice.
4th Really need a rest.
5th Christmas party at work.
6th Putting up decorations.
7th Yay, new blind.
8th Really need to get the tax stuff done.
9th Pandora is not that bad, just need to learn how to use it.
10th Time to start an 8 week course for the pre-op staff.
11th Homework?
12th No pizza and no burger :(
13th A spot of gardening.
14th More gardening and a sore back.
15th Starting to fill in the diary for the pre-op.
16th Tax time.
17th This place is a mess.
18th Complaining at work as I'm the only one in early.
19th Christmas lunch at work.
20th Painting the shed.
21st Catching up with family and friends.
22nd A bit of late night shopping.
23rd Last day of work for the year.
24th The mad rush to get the house ready and dinner & drinks with family.
25th Hosting Christmas lunch for the first time.
26th Catching up on some rest.
27th Another day out with family.
28th Going to update Wordpress and see it has already been done.
29th A day reading.
30th Relaxing and trying to rest my sore back.
31st Last day of the year and finally getting back into the Tomorrow Series of books.
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