August 2014

1st Dealing with stupid people is just a way of life when working in support.
2nd More books to read.
3rd Relaxing but really should be doing housework.
4th 2°C? Are you serious?
5th A better day today.
6th Not getting that meal again at the Racecourse pub.
7th Last Offspring for the season.
8th Looking forward to the weekend.
9th Sleeping.
10th Waiting...waiting...waiting....
11th Training a newbie and helping out.
12th Time to re-image the work machine.
13th Damn it, back to only 2 screens until I get the third one fixed.
14th Two more days.
15th One more day.
16th Relaxing.
17th A very tired Lex after a big game of fetch.
18th Enjoying the time off.
19th Relaxing.
20th Kicking the bike over after a month or so of sitting idle and it starts on the first go.
21st A sort of clean back yard.
22nd Some time spent hacking portals.
23rd A tidy shed finally.
24th Started using a Fitbit.
25th Getting ready to cleanup.
26th A six meter skip is full of stuff.
27th More cleaning.
28th A day at the zoo patting wombats.
29th Bubble soccer and diner with work mates.
30th Mostly sleeping.
31st Final day off.
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