April 2014

1st Deposit on block.
2nd Phone calls to check things out.
3rd Signing forms.
4th Lex is fun to hug.
5th More training with Lex.
6th Looking at more houses.
7th Sorting out Ride-On.
8th Rainy day.
9th First consultation for surgery.
10th Research time.
11th Need a break.
12th Training with Lex.
13th Home Show.
14th Getting an interview.
15th Almost there.
16th Interview for Senior SD.
17th YAY, Easter Break.
18th Helping to clean the garage.
19th Relaxing.
20th Lunch with family.
21st A long walk and a very tired Lex.
22nd Mmmmm...risotto.
23rd Mmmmm...pizza.
24th Crazy day.
25th Relaxing day.
26th A bit of gardening.
27th More cleaning.
28th Record day, 105 calls.
29th Lex is getting comfortable on the bed.
30th Sore back today.
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