September 2013

1st New rug.
2nd Another day, another dollar.
3rd Meetings, meetings and more meetings.
4th New Uno cards.
5th Hacking.
6th Pizza.
7th Looking at new houses.
8th Relaxing and cleaning.
9th St Monty.
10th More of Heston.
11th Looking at houses.
12th Bamix time.
13th Happy 2nd Anniversary.
14th Relaxing.
15th A long day sleeping trying to get rid of a headache.
16th Long days.
17th Breaking bad is getting good.
18th Mmmmm fried stuff.
19th SAP training.
20th Pizza day.
21st Sleepy day.
22nd Cleaning up.
23rd Only one Breaking Bad left.
24th Mum buying a new house.
25th Getting quotes for doors.
26th Back on the bike after a few months.
27th A good day for a ride.
28th Dinner with mum.
29th Sleeping.
30th A windy day on the roads.
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