October 2013

1st A very windy day.
2nd Today is a hand full of pain killers day.
3rd Catching up with the family.
4th Pizza day.
5th Lunch with family.
6th Cleaning and relaxing.
7th SAP training.
8th More SAP training.
9th A 30°C day?
10th Costco.
11th Pizza.
12th Simon's 21st.
13th Moving furniture around.
14th A crazy day at work.
15th Booking the car in for its first service.
16th Checking out the new Thai place.
17th Damn kids.
18th What! No pizza?
19th New toys.
20th Cleaning.
21st Sore back today.
22nd A long day at the Techfair.
23rd Back at work.
24th Starting to paint.
25th Ripping out the front door frame.
26th Fixing a new door frame.
27th Getting the back door frame started.
28th Place is a mess.
29th Sorting stuff out.
30th Takin g Citylink.
31st Back still sore.
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