November 2013

1st Not feeling the best.
2nd Sleeping most of the day.
3rd Headache and sore throat.
4th Day off.
5th Another day off.
6th One more.
7th Getting better.
8th Back to work.
9th New phone - Nexus 5.
10th I need a rest.
11th Trying to get rid of this cough.
12th Way too tired.
13th Still coughing.
14th Stuff everywhere.
15th Need more space.
16th Painting the bathroom.
17th Tax time.
18th Will the rain stop?
19th Sore back.
20th Sesame Street on LP.
21st New letterbox.
22nd More unpacking.
23rd Hire Van.
24th Putting together bookcases.
25th Checking out Masters.
26th What happend today?
27th Another sore day.
28th Been a while since I read.
29th Friday!
30th Party at Belinda's.
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