May 2013

1st Searching for muffins.
2nd Hacking the green and blue stuff.
3rd Muffin day.
4th Lunch with Family.
5th Lunch with the other family.
6th Is the car here yet?
7th It's cold.
8th HJs.
9th Sore back again.
10th Looking forward to the weekend.
11th Dinner with the family.
12th Ice Hockey.
13th Day off trying to rest.
14th Trying to shake this cough.
15th Looking at mums new car.
16th Taking the car to work.
17th New Lexx Nas.
18th A day of copying.
19th A day to relax.
20th Almost finished with the new Lexx.
21st Now to copy stuff.
22nd Damn, broke the network, time to reconfigure it.
23rd Still copying.
24th Ikea.
25th New wardrobe.
26th Cleaning up.
27th Cracked windscreen.
28th Blood bank.
29th Feeling like crap. Spent the day on the couch trying to recover.
30th New wardrobes.
31st Another year.
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