March 2013

1st Happy birthday Erryn.
2nd Party time.
3rd Resting.
4th Should be unpacking.
5th Giving blood at a new location.
6th So hot, should be unpacking.
7th Trying to keep cool.
8th Saying goodbuy to the FVS336G. You have served me well over the years.
9th Sorting stuff.
10th Getting more boxes.
11th Back to work.
12th Getting used to the traffic.
13th Looking forward to the cooler weather.
14th Is this what the traffic will be like?
15th Surface time.
16th Spending way too much at JB, but we now have a nice large tv.
17th Watching cars go round and round.
18th Busy day.
19th Getting caught in traffic.
20th Sore back today.
21st Getting CT scan.
22nd Blood test.
23rd Reduced space in L1, L2 and L3. Bulge in L4-5.
24th Relaxing.
25th Back in the swing of things.
26th Chromebook.
27th Sore today.
28th Some fun times at work.
29th Easter day off.
30th Relaxing.
31st Sore today.
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