June 2013

1st Cleaning up.
2nd Lunch with family.
3rd Back to riding.
4th Cam chain tensioner needs changing again.
5th No bike for a while.
6th Car pooling with Erryn.
7th Dinner at Izakaya Hachibeh.
8th Picking up more stuff from mums.
9th Relaxing.
10th Rain rain go away.
11th Ikea.
12th Another rainy day.
13th Learning the new maps.
14th A slower day at work.
15th Getting more boxes.
16th About time to tiny the laundry.
17th It's cold.
18th Feeling better today.
19th Back on the bike but it is very cold.
20th Back in the car.
21st Looking at cars.
22nd Family over for dinner.
23rd Test driving a Mazda 2.
24th Research time.
25th Put down a deposit on the Mazda.
26th Researching stuff.
27th Cleaning.
28th One more day.
29th New car.
30th Getting used to the car.
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