July 2013

1st Paint protection.
2nd Feeling like crap.
3rd A bit better.
4th Connection Makers.
5th Researching Opticoat.
6th Getting paint protection on the car.
7th Relaxing.
8th It's cold.
9th Geting Lexx to play nice.
10th Getting to like the portal box.
11th Updatine switch with shorter cables.
12th Pizza.
13th Damn you Mr bird.
14th Relaxing.
15th Teaching and training.
16th Getting better weather.
17th Raining.
18th More Jack Stone stuff.
19th No pizza.
20th Relaxing.
21st Catching up with family.
22nd What happened today?
23rd Off sick.
24th Sore throat.
25th Trying to rest.
26th Slowly getting better.
27th Bread making.
28th Trying to warm up.
29th Ingress and art gallary.
30th Back at work.
31st Trying to shake this cough.
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