January 2013

1st More sanding.
2nd Waiting for the air con guy.
3rd Back to work.
4th Slow as she goes Captain.
5th Airport trip.
6th Running around Ikea.
7th Hammered on the phones.
8th Escaping the heat.
9th Another day.
10th Dinner at the Rainbow Hotel.
11th Need more helpers.
12th Sanding.
13th More Sanding.
14th Itchy.
15th Booking tradies.
16th Itchy.
17th Vinyl floors are expensive.
18th Removed stitch.
19th YAY for high speed internet.
20th YAY for more power points.
21st Back sore.
22nd Another day.
23rd Packing.
24th More packing.
25th Time to buy paint.
26th Painting.
27th Painting.
28th Painting.
29th Staying at the new house for the week.
30th Green wall first coat is done.
31st More painting.
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