February 2013

1st A day off work to spend painting.
2nd More painting.
3rd And even more painting but at least it is finished for now.
4th Start damn you!
5th Time to get a new helmet.
6th Trying to organise a plumber.
7th Booking the bike in.
8th Need new boots.
9th Packing at home.
10th More packing.
11th Floors done.
12th Time to get my back looked at.
13th More training at work.
14th Bike service.
15th Last day of work for a while.
16th Shopping for kitchen bench.
17th Work on the house starts.
18th Painting.
19th Painting.
20th Painting.
21st More painting.
22nd New vinyl floors.
23rd Another gadget.
24th Trying to relax.
25th No time to relax, need to pack.
26th 11 hours of moving makes a long day.
27th New house.
28th Now for the unpacking.
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