December 2013

1st Where is Summer?
2nd Wrapping presents.
3rd Time to ride again?
4th Almost some sun.
5th Really tired today.
6th Townhall.
7th Cleaning.
8th Filling a 3m³ bin.
9th Really tired today.
10th A very nice dinner.
11th 140.
12th A sore day.
13th New screen doors.
14th Visiting Grandma.
15th A clean garden and driveway.
16th Back on the bike after a long while.
17th A few days left.
18th Almost there.
19th Busy days.
20th Last day at work.
21st Catching up with the family.
22nd Cleaning.
23rd Sore back.
24th A few drinks with the family.
25th Christmas in frankston for the last time?.
26th Boxing day lunch at home.
27th Looks better with a few empty rooms.
28th Relaxing.
29th Relaxing and tidying.
30th A bit of reading.
31st New Years Eve relaxing.
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