August 2013

1st So hard to get up in the mornings.
2nd Pizza day.
3rd Catch up with mum.
4th Hair cut.
5th Conection Makers.
6th Lots of work to do.
7th More reading for CM stuff.
8th Way too cold in the mornings.
9th Pizza.
10th Cleaning up.
11th Mmmmmm Berry cheese cake.
12th Breaking bad.
13th Busy day.
14th Organising stuff.
15th Communication training.
16th Mac training.
17th Spirit of Tassie.
18th Platipus seahorse world and Beaconsfield mine.
19th Queen Victoria museum art gallery and Galileo's thermometer.
20th $125 worth of mustard and pies and pasties.
21st Cateract gorge and wine tasting.
22nd Hobart and Thai for dinner.
23rd Mount Wellington.
24th Salamanca market. And finding the best book shop, Down under book shop in Hobart 88 Elizabeth Street.
25th Food market and a sore back. Finally finished The Hunger Games. A few hundred zombies are in Tassie
26th MONA. Finished "His Robot Wife" third book. Dinner at nice Chinese restaurant.
27th More reading. Huan valley, Grandvewe cheese and Solo Italian for dinner.
28th Bruny island cruise, chocolate and cheese factory.
29th Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and MoMo bubble tea and great veg dinner at Sandy Bay.
30th Releqaurie and back on the spirit of Tassie.
31st Ryder's 1st birthday.
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