April 2013

1st Relaxing.
2nd And more relaxing.
3rd Getting the bike looked at to repair the starter swtich.
4th Resting.
5th More resting.
6th Cutting trees.
7th BBQ Lunch.
8th Cleaning.
9th Sorting.
10th Chasing cats.
11th Heated grips are fantastic.
12th Way too much garlic.
13th Relaxing.
14th Really sore today.
15th Another day.
16th Feeling better.
17th Heated grips doing their job.
18th Booking in the bike.
19th Pizza.
20th Relaxing.
21st Getting more boxes.
22nd Showing family the house.
23rd Finally fixing the bike starting issue.
24th Fighting the Resistance.
25th Lunch with family at home.
26th A slow day at work.
27th Cassie's 30th.
28th Relaxing.
29th Ingressing.
30th Liking the service centre.
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