September 2012

1st Running around in Chadstone.
2nd Lunch with Erryn's family.
3rd Getting some weekend work.
4th Signing and posting the contracts.
5th Almost a year.
6th Time to staft saving.
7th Why can't I chose Super Funds?
8th A long day packing.
9th A long day unpacking.
10th Organising the cable guy.
11th Fun times at the desk.
12th A crappy nights sleep.
13th One year of happiness.
14th Back to the grind.
15th Relaxing.
16th Dinner at The Golden Panda.
17th This place is a mess.
18th Cleaning.
19th Trying to avoid fees.
20th Signing more papers.
21st Buying switches.
22nd New jeans.
23rd Grand Designs Live.
24th New GS108T.
25th A day on campus.
26th Damn banks.
27th More paperwork and phones calls to the solicitor.
28th No more house.
29th Relaxing.
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