October 2012

1st Yikes, a crazy day.
2nd Stress stres and more stress.
3rd Head hunted for PXE imaging project.
4th Airport watching planes.
5th Researching the Ubiquity UniFi.
6th Relaxing.
7th More relaxing.
8th Taking photos for Techfair.
9th Taking more photos.
10th Processing the photos.
11th Good times.
12th Friday!!!
13th Relaxing.
14th Feeling like crap.
15th Waiting for cheques to clear.
16th Still waiting.
17th How long does it take?
18th A week later and still no cleared cheques.
19th Finally have some $$.
20th Dinner with the family.
21st Relaxing.
22nd Crazy day.
23rd Renewing domains.
24th Glad the domains have been renewed as the price went up.
25th Walking around Myer.
26th Friday pizza.
27th Op shopping.
28th Relaxing.
29th Bring on the good weather.
30th Busy day.
31st Another busy day.
Powered by: 5 degree cold nights