November 2012

1st Where did the sun go?
2nd Need to read more.
3rd Relaxing.
4th Doing taxes.
5th Back killing me.
6th Horsies.
7th Another day.
8th Phone playing up good thing the new one is out soon.
9th Can't wait for the new phone.
10th Relaxing.
11th WVD.
12th Recovering.
13th Ordering the Nexus.
14th Research.
15th Waiting for Nexus 4.
16th Where is the phone?
17th Cleaning.
18th Looking at Ryobi tools.
19th Mmmmm burgers....
20th Training in SAP.
21st More training.
22nd This is interesting.
23rd Finally got the Nexus 4.
24th More cleaning.
25th Ripping out cupboards.
26th Back killing me today.
27th Time for more Endone.
28th Learning more SAP.
29th Baking cookies.
30th Christmas lunch at work.
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