May 2012

1st Another .5% drop.
2nd And of course the bank only reduces by .3%.
3rd Where is all the dust from?
4th Time to replace the power supply in Stanley Tweedle.
5th Searching for clothes.
6th Catching up with the family.
7th Family is over again.
8th New Hot Grips on the bike.
9th Nice warm hands.
10th Interview time again.
11th Signed up to the Ulysses Club.
12th Relaxing day.
13th Dinner with the family.
14th A crazy day taking 82 calls.
15th Soft Kitty has arrived.
16th Booking the bike in.
17th New horn on bike.
18th Didn't get the job.
19th SPC tomato sauce in bulk.
20th Relaxing day.
21st Busy day.
22nd Cutting out things.
23rd Indulging in things.
24th New people.
25th Training new people.
26th Getting more books.
27th Watching the Hunger Games.
28th Joining the Ulysses Club.
29th These grips are great.
30th Looking forward to selling.
31st Another year.
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