March 2012

1st Happy Birthday Erryn :)
2nd Dinner at Peaking Land.
3rd Things need to be done.
4th Running around in Costco.
5th Time to sell the house.
6th A crazy day at work.
7th Spending some time on campus.
8th New jacket.
9th contating another agent.
10th Talking to NAB about home loans.
11th Dinner at Erryn's parents.
12th Contacting another agent.
13th Six months.
14th Booking tickets to the ballet.
15th Training a new guy.
16th Where are the garage keys?
17th Speaking to the agent.
18th Cathcing up with the family in Philip Island.
19th Greeting freinds from overseas.
20th Enjoying Clan of the Cave Bear.
21st Purchasing more books by Welsley Alison.
22nd Applying for a new job.
23rd Rebuilding Lexx because some idiot pulled the power.
24th A relaxing day.
25th At Fed Square tasting different foods.
26th Really need to clean up a bit.
27th Time for the winter doona?
28th Getting Windows 7 at work.
29th Tweeking Win7 to work the way I want it to.
30th Yearly planning day.
31st Watching La Boheme at Robert Blackwood Hall.
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