June 2012

1st Bring on the cold.
2nd Happy 90th to Trudy.
3rd Cleaning out the garage.
4th A crazy day.
5th New gloves.
6th Getting used to the new gloves.
7th Getting new music.
8th Breaking and having to fix the phone.
9th Belinda's party.
10th Filling up a 4 mtr skip.
11th Dinner with the family.
12th New 1tb drive.
13th Need new waterproof pants.
14th Loving the heated grips.
15th Slowing down.
16th Signing the paperword to put the house on the market.
17th Watching Firefly.
18th The house is online.
19th Roam Around the World.
20th A quick trip to Box Hill to get Erryn.
21st More syncing music.
22nd Pizza Day.
23rd Firefly.
24th Relaxing for a couple of days.
25th Helping a stressed wife start the car.
26th Blood bank.
27th Lexx is filling up.
28th New UPS for Lexx.
29th Configuring things to run on batteries.
30th New Blu ray player.
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