July 2012

1st Relaxing at home.
2nd Crashplan running slow.
3rd iGoogle is leaving us.
4th A very long night at the hospital.
5th Day off work sleeping.
6th Taking care of Erryn.
7th Resting.
8th More resting.
9th Ordering a new tablet.
10th Gary Fong Lightsphere.
11th The light looks better.
12th What happened today?
13th Movie night: Hysteria.
14th Walking around the shops.
15th More playing with phone.
16th Breaking phone and reinstalling the ROM.
17th Sorting out the camera gear.
18th Photos for work.
19th Processing photos.
20th Time to update the resume again.
21st Greek school dinner dance.
22nd New boots for Erryn.
23rd Tablet has arrived.
24th Should I leave it stock?
25th Townhall.
26th Other day at the desk.
27th Sliding the rear tyre.
28th More of nothing.
29th Relaxing with the Nexus.
30th A crazy day.
31st Applying for team lead role.
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