January 2012

1st Rosebud with friends.
2nd Cooking curry from scratch for the first time..
3rd Back to the pool trying out the new goggles.
4th Starting to cool down.
5th Mexican for dinner.
6th Looking forward to a break.
7th $300 for a new distributor cap in the car.
8th A nice drive to the island.
9th Give 500ml of blood and get an orange juice and a cookie in return.
10th Catching up with Alex.
11th Cyanogenmod installed on the phone.
12th Tweaking phone.
13th Really should get back to the gym.
14th Power blackout at 3am.
15th BBQ lunch with cousins at the annual family get together.
16th Another long day getting the car towed to the mechanic.
17th Car fixed, now to find out what happend.
18th Cloudflare for DNS.
19th New helmet pads means a nice firm fitting helmet.
20th Time to get some more tofu.
21st Having fun at Gembrook.
22nd Another stupid power blackout.
23rd Three more days.
24th Two more days.
25th One more day.
26th Daylesford here we come.
27th Relaxing in the spa.
28th Relaxing in Daylesford.
29th Daylesford market running into Jeff and Meg.
30th New seal on fridge.
31st Cleaning up the spare room.
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